Carpet Cleaning Kingston


For Carpet Cleaning Kingston look no further!  Alba Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning carpets in Kingston for over a decade.  We work for a variety of Letting Agents, Estate agents and Domestic customers.  We have regular customers in Kingston Hall Road, Milner Road and Kent Road.  We offer Clients in KT1 and KT2 the following

  • Eco-friendly Cleaning
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fully Insured Services
  • Same Day Cleaning
  • 10 Years Plus Industry Experience


How do we clean your carpets?

Our multi-stage cleaning process ensures that our customers receives the finest deep clean of their carpets.  Both manufacturers and industry organisations such as NCCA and IICRC favour the hot water extraction method (also known as carpet steam cleaning) This is the method we use to make our service the best option when customers seek  Carpet Cleaners Kingston.  Our experience means we have a great track record in removing nasty carpet stains.  We regularly remove Wine, Oil, Food and many other stains that ruin the appearance of people’s carpets in Kingston.


Carpet Cleaning Kingston

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Upholstery Cleaning Kingston

Our Upholstery Cleaning service in Kingston offers our customers a fantastic deep clean of their Sofas, Armchairs and other soft furnishings.   The process used is broadly the same process used on carpets with slight variations.  

Our Eco-friendly steam cleaning method is perfect to restore your sofa to it’s former glory!  We can also offer stain treatment, sanitising and odour treatment in addition to our standard deep cleaning.

Carpet Protector Kingston


Once you’ve had your carpets or upholstery cleaned why don’t you have them protected?  We’ve been applying protector in Kingston for many years.  The benefits of protecting your carpets are many.  Protectors help you prevent spillages of food and beverages turning into unsightly stains which can be extremely difficult to remove.  The application of a protector will also reduce the effects of ware and tear so effectively extending the lifespan of your carpets and upholstery.

The product we use is a water based Carpet and Upholstery Protector. We can use it on all wet cleanable fabrics to offer protection against oil, water based and dry soils.

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Rug Cleaning Kingston


With the growing popularity of hard floors and a decline in homes having carpets, we’ve seen a huge increase in people having rugs in Kingson.  Whether you have an antique Persian  rug that needs freshened up, a high-end viscose rug in need of a dry clean, or a synthetic one that needs professional clean, we have the solution for you.

Households in Kingston will have so many types of rugs. Flat-weave rugs, shag pile rugs, oriental rugs, antique rugs, Chinese rugs, Navajo rugs, modern rugs, and so many different materials used to make these rugs, wool, Viscose, polypropylene  synthetic and blends.  An extensive knowledge in rug cleaning is required to decide on the best and most efficient treatment. 

We can collect, clean and return rugs for customers or simply clean them on site.

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