Preserving Your Carpets: Alba’s Tactics to Prevent Premature Wear in Surbiton

Understanding the Threat: Alba's Guide to Soil Buildup and its Impact on Carpet Aging


The Importance of Soil Management for Carpet Longevity

Carpet wear and tear is a common problem for both domestic households and commercial offices throughout Surbiton and beyond.  It can happen for a number of reasons with the main culprit being soil build up.  Soil builds up within the carpet fibres from a variety of sources such as outdoor debris and dust in the environment being blown in, and indoor sources such as food, dead skin cells and numerous other sources.   Commercial premises are particularly prone to carpet wear and tear due to high footfall.  The soil type that gathers in carpets also varies, with the three most common types being water-soluble, dry solvent-soluble and insoluble soil.  Understanding this is crucial, as is the role that carpet cleaning can play in addressing it’s impact.

Understanding and Preventing Soil Buildup

Prevention is the best approach to the problem of soil build-up in your carpets. Determine where the soil is coming from.  Is it an exterior entrance path that is not maintained regularly?  Is it a hallway from a kitchen without proper ventilation.  Once you’ve established this you can think of preventative measures. Also, the proper use of matting at entrances is an excellent way to prevent soil build up.  These mats must be regularly vacuumed to remove all soil and keep them working efficiently. 

Effective Cleaning Techniques for Different Soil Types

Understanding the physical and chemical properties of all the different soil types greatly increases our ability to effectively deep clean your carpets.  Walter-soluble soils are things such as starches, salts and sugar.  Common problems in households with kids! Dry solvent-soluble soils  can take the form of tar, grease, vegetable or animal oils. It’s common to find these types of dirty carpets in restaurants or homes with a kitchen/living room.   Also, homes with dogs often have issues with oil transferring between the coat of the animal and the carpet or, more often than not, the sofa.    These require a totally different approach to cleaning water-soluble soiling with different chemicals and perhaps the use of high heat.  Insoluble soil includes particles such as sand ,carbon and salt and again necessitate a different approach, with different cleaning solutions.  Professional carpet cleaners are aware of the pros and cons of all the different cleaning solutions and can use the appropriate one for the problems at hand.  

Importance of Regular Maintenance to Prevent Damage

Soiling tends to collect in entry areas of homes and offices in the first instance. If left unchecked, it can be walked, or blown by a draft,  further into the inner areas of the home or office.  In no time at all  traffic areas throughout the building may become loaded with abrasive sand and grit, causing damage to the carpet fibres. As people walk on the carpets the smooth texture of the fibre is worn down by the sand and grit.  This causes a dulling of the carpet pile and changes its appearance, especially the way light reflects off it.  It can appear dirty and dis-coloured depending on levels of soiling and the frequency of vacuuming.  In high footfall areas of offices and shops it is essential that a well planned cleaning schedule is implemented and rigorously carried out.   Furthermore it is crucial to prevent particle soils from entering buildings in the first place.   Use appropriate entrance matting and ensure walkways leading to entrances are well maintained.  

In conclusion, preventing soil buildup on carpets requires a proactive approach.  Prevention is a cost effective means by which carpets will last for years more than they otherwise would.   Understanding the sources, types, and buildup of soil on carpets is also critical to effectively clean carpets and prevent premature wear and tear. In addition to this there is the environmental impact of dirty carpets and the impact this has on the look of the house or office.  As a Surbiton-based carpet cleaning company, Alba Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing professional services that ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your carpets.


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