Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The length of time it will take your carpets to dry after cleaning them will depend on a number of factors.  For example wool carpets take longer to dry than synthetic carpets because the carpet fibres hold moisture while plastic fibres don’t.  Other contributing factors include the time of year(carpets generally dry quicker on warmer days) and ventilation.  Please note we can use air dryers to speed up the drying process.


We nornall advise that if carpets are cleaned in the morning then they should be dry by late afternoon.  We leave over-shoes so you can walk on the carpets while they’re drying.

We remove stains from your carpets using a variety of methods.  Quite often the process of steam cleaning will remove some basic marks and stains on your carpets.  If this is not the case we have numerous stain spotters that we can use to assist in the removal of them.


Please note that it is not always possible to remove every stain.  Please deal with carpet stains as quickly as possible after the event.  This increases the likelihood that the stain can be removed.

The time it will take to clean your carpets will vary greatly depending on a number of factors.  The main factors are the condition of the carpet, the number of stains on the carpet, the size of the area, access to the property and parking.


We normally advise customers that a 2 bedroom property will take approximately 2 hours.

We advise customers to move any large items of furniture from the areas you wish to have cleaned.  We do not move televisions, wardrobes or any other large items.   We can work round itemsthat are not movable.   

Please move any delicate objects from the room that is being cleaned.  Ornaments and such shoul be moved of side board s to a safe place.


Please ask when making a booking what we can and can’t assist with in terms of furniture.

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