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Are you searching for Carpet Cleaning SurbitonAlba Carpet Cleaning is an independent Local Carpet Cleaning Company based in Surbiton which has delivered fantastic carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning services to local customers, including estate and letting agents, for over 12 years.  We offer these services with Eco-friendly options to deliver the deepest, safest and best value for money carpet cleaning service in Surbiton and beyond.

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Regular Carpet Cleaning is essential to maintaining the look and feel of your carpets, as well as to maintain a healthy home environment for your family. 

Alba Carpet Cleaning will use its multi-stage carpet cleaning process, developed over many years, to remove the  stains, dust, dirt, and other allergens that can amass in your carpets.  This will make your carpets look great while improving the environment within your home, particularly for those who are affected by allergies in carpets.

To deliver top quality carpet cleaning to our customers in Surbiton we use the finest cleaning solutions we can source.  We then follow a cleaning process developed for the type of carpet we’re cleaning and any underlying issues such as stains or  odour issues.  This attention to detail is crucial to successful carpet cleaning.

Complete Rug Cleaning Surbiton

There has been a significant increase in demand for Rug Cleaning Services in Surbiton over the years as people move away from traditional flooring types in favour of wood, laminate, Vinyl and various Tile types.  These floors are more often than not finished off with a Rug.  

Alba Carpet cleaning offers Rug Cleaning for many different types of rug including Persian, Modern and Oriental. We can clean rugs on site or take them away to give them a thorough Deep Clean which will rejuvenate them and extend their life-span.  We can also treat stains, remove bad odours and apply protection to your rugs.  

Upholstery Cleaning Surbiton 

Alba offers a wide range of Upholstery Cleaning in Surbiton whether you have an Old Chesterfield, a modern Sectional or a traditional Chaise Lounge.  Upholstery comes in such a wide variety of fabrics these days, such as Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Polyester and even Hemp, that it is prudent, dare I say essential, to have your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned.  

Maintaining your Sofa is essential for its longevity, its appearance and for hygienic reasons.  People spend considerable time in their favourite armchair or sofa so it’s only natural that the fabric will accumulate stains, soiling and dust.   We have over 10 years experience upholstery cleaning.  

Our  Carpet Deep Cleaning Process

When seeking out the best option for Carpet Cleaning Surbiton clients always ask about the process used.  The Carpet Cleaning Process used depends on the type of carpets being cleaned and the condition of the carpet.  We clean both wool and synthetic carpets as well as more modern carpet types such as Rayon and Bamboo Silk.

The standard approach to domestic carpet cleaning is Hot Water Extraction.  This is often referred to as Carpet Steam Cleaning.  This procedure offers our customers in Surbiton the deepest carpet cleaning available.  The basic process sees a cleaning solution applied onto the carpets to breakdown surface dirt.  This is then rinsed out using our powerful Hot Water Extraction machine.  This rinses out dirt and allergens which lie deep within your carpets.   The process is tweaked depending on the carpet type and issues such as stains, odour issues and heavy soiling on walkways.

Expert Carpet Stain Removal Surbiton

Removing stains from customer carpets is a significant part of carpet cleaning.   The most common request from customers is to remove Coffee, Wine, Vomit and general food spillage stains.  While some stains will be removed by the standard carpet cleaning process it is often necessary to use specific stain spotters to assist in their removal.  Alba Carpet Cleaning has built up a wealth of experience over the years in the procedures and stain spotters required in stain removal.  While we can’t guarantee the removal of stains we have a great track record in doing so.  Contact us immediately if you have a problematic stain as the sooner we deal with it the more likely we can remove it!

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